We have successfully raised $1.3 million in our seed round

A big big thank you!

We successfully raised $1.3 million dollars from respected VCs & marque Angel investors in the domain. Being valued at $12.5 million dollars definitely motivates us beyond expectations, as it shows the depth of trust that the investors have shown in our vision. We are extremely thankful & more focused than ever to create world class products for the community.

Product Update

Our product team has been doing wonders in the backyard. They have been working on 2 new features & have successfully released them recently. Redeploying a deployment in a project is a very demanded feature from a lot of our users. Earlier, when users have to re-deploy a project, they have to do the deployment process from the starting. Instead, now, the user can just redeploy any project with just a click, it will take the latest configuration used by the latest deployment in the project.

The next thing we worked on is the Auto DNS Resolver. While attaching domains to a project, users have to add some records to their DNS provider. On every deployment, these records had to be updated but with our new feature, this will be done automatically.

Not only that, we are also redesigning our landing page which will contain a lot more information about our tokens & their utility with a more intuitive look & feel.

Growth is Great

We have been lucky to have the support of the community right from the ideation stage & they continue to shower their love on us. We have on boarded more than 300 users who have already deployed their products on ArGo & have shown positive intent to continue using our products to keep themselves from paying renewals & worrying about security.

We have doubled our count on social media last week & will keep on growing our community on telegram as well. Our target is to have as many community members as possible so that we can create a decentralized ecosystem of Dapps & Defi developers. With the round of funding, we intend to solidify our brand value & generate awareness around blockchain & decentralization to that side of the world as well which has been doubtful of its existence . It’s all about helping communities decide their future & build legacies on their own terms.

Collaboration is the key

Happy to share that ArGo is now integrating Polygon, bringing their ArGo smart contract applications to Layer 2! Developers can deploy their front end web apps seamlessly using ArGo’s censorship-resistant decentralized hosting platform.

We are also in talks with a few more strategic partners & will be announcing soon about them. The team is all set to set the date for the tokens now & the announcement will be made next week on that front. We are already witnessing a lot of excitement & curiosity amongst the community. We appreciate the love & support we have received so far & hope to get more & more of it in the times to come. We are determined to create a decentralized ecosystem which will have more transparency, more security & permanent storage for our users.

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ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.

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