The Next Web 3.0 Solution

Decentralized Finance is taking the market by storm and it only just started. Big institutions are just now seeing the benefits and the growth potential of this market.

DeFi is providing solutions for inefficient traditional systems. We’ve seen decentralized exchanges, insurance, payment solutions, lending, and earnings explode in value over the past couple of months. Investing at the start of these trends is extremely lucrative, so the question then arises: what is the next solution?

Web 3.0

One of the biggest movements that Web 3.0 will consist of is DeFi. DeFi is disrupting different centralized sectors like the banking sector by replacing banks with decentralized protocols. A sector that has yet to be disrupted is web hosting.

Web Hosting

Nowadays, big centralized tech companies are in control of the storage of websites. This centralization of web hosting services result in censorship, 404 ‘page not found errors, lack of transparency, recurring fees, and stealth edits.

The solution for this: decentralized web hosting. Instead of having a traditional centralized entity be in control of web storage, a decentralized network stores the web files.

The Developer-friendly Bridge for DeFi

This bridge is necessary because decentralized web hosting, as of right now, isn’t nearly as user-friendly as centralized web hosting. With ArGo, application developers can now build in a decentralized manner, while having a great user experience and the developer-friendly tools from centralized web hosting they are used to.

Decentralized storage networks like Arweave Protocol, Skynet, and Filecoin are great initiatives but come with a lot of problems. For example, users have to learn about their underlying technology and there is a lack of tools.

The great user experience and the developer-friendly tools ArGo provides simplifies the experience of developers to build on DSN’s like Arweave Protocol. Developers can now make their Apps fully decentralized, instead of only the backend being decentralized.

The end result: making Decentralized Finance even more decentralized.

That’s far from all ArGo has to offer in though. Because decentralizing DeFi is great, but the blockchain offers more than DeFi alone.

ArGo’s app can be used to build any web app and deploy it on a decentralized storage network. This means other blockchain markets, like NFT’s and Decentralized Exchanges can use ArGo’s user-friendly interface as well.


Besides an easy-to-use interface, ArGo’s app is also crazy fast with 100% uptime, custom DNS domains, unlimited bandwidth, censorship-resistant, and, best of all, it’s only a one-time fee!

Centralized cloud storage networks force you to pay a costly monthly fee that keeps adding up over time. Just take a look at Google Cloud’s pricing table for example

With ArGo, monthly fees are a thing of the past. Developers can launch their applications faster and cheaper on the decentralized cloud.

What’s in it for me?

But we get it: you might not be a developer, so what’s in it for you?

For this, we have to look at the token use cases.

ArGo has ensured deep utility of the token across the entire platform, integrating it into all main transactions to take the form of an internal utility token $ARGO.

For example, the ArGo Token can be used to host websites & store files on Decentralized Cloud Networks. The fees required to build & deploy the site on DSNs will be taken in $ARGO. This maximizes token utility and benefits its holders.

$ARGO also functions as the economic incentives which will be distributed to encourage users to maintain the ecosystem on the ArGo Platform, thereby creating a win-win system where every participant is fairly compensated for its efforts.

ARGO-holder can either stake their tokens and earn $ARGO or take part in Liquidity Incentive Program where they can stake their $ARGO Tokens to earn even more $ARGO Tokens.

Last but not least, $ARGO is the basis for governance in the ArGo ecosystem. The user who owns $ARGO can propose and vote for changes that affect the platform’s features.


Blockchain is truly revolutionary, but finding the next use case for this disruptive technology is challenging. Not long ago, Decentralized Finance was barely in use; nowadays it’s on a tear.

ArGo is doing something unique, by creating a user-friendly bridge for developers to actually start using decentralized storage networks for their front-end.

The great thing here is that they’re not competing with decentralized storage networks, they’re completing it!

What ArGo does

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ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.

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