The Next Internet Revolution — a censorship-resistant decentralized web hosting platform

The internet has been around for some time now. However, much of its fluid nature is now controlled and censored by governments and corporates.

Just think about it practically. When you hear the word ‘internet’, what comes to mind?

Probably Google. Or Bing.

Because that is how we approach the internet now. But what if there was something so revolutionary that it could completely bring the power of the internet back to the people?

Yes, that’s what the Argo app is all about. Confused? It’s a lot easier than you think:

Let’s start with Permaweb

Argo works on Permaweb, which is the internet built on blockchain technology. Most of the sites we use today are hosted on servers owned by hosting companies. However, Argo hosts on a decentralized blockchain platform that uses the unused hard drive spaces of miners in return for incentives.

But how does it help your storage and hosting needs?

The decentralized web has certain characteristics that make it beneficial yet disruptive to the web today. Here are a few of them:


As far as permanence goes, your apps and web pages hosted on the Argo app are there for good. The decentralized structure of the storage gives it longevity for years, making it the best option for archiving data.


People tend to think that the information that they put on the web are there forever. However, that’s very far from the truth. What do you think happened to all the messages, photos, videos, and pictures that you uploaded on MySpace or Orkut?

Once these social media apps shut shop, they lose all the data too.

But with Argo’s decentralized data, your apps and web apps will be stored with 1000s of miners, thus making sure that your information is always accessible.

Controlled by the masses

Why do big tech corporations like Google and Facebook let us use their products for free?

Because they earn revenue by collecting our personal data and helping advertisers find their right target markets. However, this means that your personal data has almost no privacy.

Thanks to Argo’s Permaweb app deployment solutions, your data is spread among many miners, thus securing it from central control and ensuring privacy!

One-time payment

Your hosting solutions require you to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

But with Argo, you pay for storing your data once and it remains there forever. How does it work?

Argo only charges you once during the deployment process, and there is no recurring charges, for storage once your website or application has been deployed and live

No maintenance

Since the data is decentralized among miners, there is no upkeep of servers required. Your data just gets added to the network and is spread all over.

Argo’s hosting solution is permanent, making your ideas and data available for generations to come.

Censorship resistant

The wheels of civilization are churned forward with the lubricant of free thought.

However, with the current centralized structure of the internet, governments and internet bullies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook find it easy to bury information. With the blockchain app and web hosting technology, the data distribution model protects it from any sort of censorship.

So why not cut costs on your web and app deploy and host them on Argo? It not only puts the power back to your hands but also secures your data and ideas on the internet forever, only with a one-time charge!

It’s time you join the revolution — Get Started today for Free!

With the Argo easy deployment platform built on top of Arweave Permaweb that enables anyone to deploy any static app on a global scale with just a few clicks.

ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.