Misinformation about the Coronavirus Pandemic is rampant- ArGo would’ve stopped the speculations

The onset of the Coronavirus was a tremendously devastating pandemic that has wreaked havoc and tragedy for millions of lives globally. Besides the actual virus, the constant and intense conspiracy theories circulating virally have caused almost as much damage as the pandemic itself. The incessant misinformation about the origins of the virus and possible perpetrators has led to a dangerous mix of propaganda and disinformation, taken as gospel by large parts of our population. The finger-pointing accusations on the coronavirus origins between China and the US have caused many theories- some of these theories have more credence than others.

However, with the continual emergence of blockchain technology and its inherent decentralized fabric, the origins and subsequent tracking of the virus and other dangerous pathogens would’ve been excellently achieved by blockchain and, more specifically, ArGo.

Conspiracy theories and misinformation about the Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus continued to spread, societies were also exposed to conspiracy theories and misinformation about the situation.

On May 29th, 2020, data was gathered showing samples of over ten thousand adult respondents. According to the results, traditional media such as newspapers, radio, and televisions spread lower conspiracy theories and misinformation. At the same time, exposure to digital media and personal contacts are involved with more outstanding misinformation and conspiracy beliefs. There is thousands of misleading information about the virus for personal gain. For example, a prankster designed a screenshot of a fake text from the government claiming the recipient was fined for getting out of the house frequently. This prankster aimed to scare people to avoid breaking lockdown rules and to gain more followers on his social media channels.

Difficulties in separating fact from fiction

However, some information about the pandemic contains a mix of false and accurate news. This makes everything difficult when determining the truth from the info provided daily. Other people are confused since the incorrect information is from a doctor friend or a nurse. Some people do not intend to spread false information but might have posted the content without fact-checking the validity of the news.

Importance of data based on decentralized and blockchain architecture

ArGo’s technology and values provide the ideal platform

ArGo is built on top of a Decentralized Cloud Protocol; this means that all content stored on the cloud is time-stamped and tamper-proof. These two aspects are of immeasurable importance when trying to locate the source of the virus. If the platform were already implemented by officials in health labs globally, once the data has been input onto the ArGo cloud, that data would’ve never been edited or changed in any way. It would represent undeniable proof and evidence for the origins and movement of the virus.

This fundamental architecture is vital because every web page associated with the Decentralized Cloud Protocol has its own identity at a specific point in time. This relates to the ability to combat the coronavirus conspiracies because all records of facts can be traced through the ArGo network to the identity of the person/organization that initially inputs those facts. In other words, in a scenario of false accusations and scaremongering, the content stored on the DNS is the judge, jury, and final arbitrage. If a health lab associated with a specific country first shared content on their servers using the ArGo platform of possible COVID-19 related cases or data, then that would then remain tamper-proof and viewable by other parties who seek assurance if counterclaims and misinformation became prevalent.

What ArGo does

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