Blockchain & the benefits of permanent storage


Keeping one’s data safe and scalable under centralized data storage meant being rich enough to afford it, along with various terms and conditions of the stakeholders. As per The Hosting Tribunal, more than 94% of enterprises use the cloud to store their data, while using at least 5 different cloud platforms on average.

What’s wrong with the cloud storage platforms?

But even with such wide adoption, cloud storage comes with its own set of issues that are primarily surrounding privacy and trust with respect to the owner of the centralized entity. Even though cloud storage platforms provide great speed, higher availability, and lower latency, an organization cannot compromise the privacy of its workings, code, and user data. These issues include:

  • Privacy and user data: Some of these cloud storage platforms have been accused of selling user data, while traceability of such activities becomes questionable if suspected. For example, Google has been suspected of sharing the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of the users with advertisers and relevant authorities. The terms and conditions of such sharing are generally hidden under their legal pages which can go easily unnoticed.
  • Fear of getting hacked: Since it’s centralized, even though it’s distributed across smaller multiple servers, if it gets hacked, it can cost the enterprise huge losses, attack on brand image in the press, and trouble for those whose data gets leaked.
  • Restrictions by government or owner of servers themselves: Getting 404 pages might not be a casual incident, but cloud storage platforms have the right to remove and edit your code if it violates their terms of service. This stifles innovation and delays products released till matters get solved. Also, the government can easily dictate its terms in a business you own and work hard for.

What is Permanent Storage?

“Shortcomings of centralized storage have grown the need for the concept of permanent storage powered by blockchain technology.”

Blockchain data storage is a combination of 2 widely accepted and developed technologies of the 21st century — blockchain and decentralized storage. The data is distributed across a shared network making it secure and almost impossible to hack or breach. The data is also encrypted which can be read-only by the owner, leading to utmost private offering by any other alternative.

This means that whatever data you store is yours, and only you have access to make any changes. This is in direct benefit to the centralized cloud storage technology. Hence, blockchain-enabled data storage allows you to permanently store your data and reduce costs for the same.

ArGoApp as your partner for permanent storage

ArGoApp is built on top of Arweave Protocol, which is a new mechanism design-based approach for achieving a sustainable and permanent ledger of knowledge and history.

The reason that one can trust this approach is since all content stored on the Arweave is time-stamped and tamper-proof.

How timestamps help with reliability

The iteration of this blockweave is what guarantees this via basic blockchain infrastructure. Due to the immutable nature of the blockweave data structure, these Timestamps are reliable and accurate within a few minutes. The data remains unadulterated during storage or retrieval due to the inclusion of transaction data inside block hashes and recall blocks. This also ensures that said transaction data remains available within the network at any point in time.

Every web page has a specific identity

Unlike with other content-addressed networks, every web page in the Arweave is associated with a specific identity, at a specific point in time. This means that records of facts can be traced through the network to the identity that first asserted those facts.

How is ArGoApp different from centralized systems?

Unlike the centralized web, in which facts can be asserted, spread, and then revoked in order to disseminate misinformation whose source is hard to determine. The blockweave ensures more reliable access to applications than any centralized application-hosting platform, which commonly negatively impacts application integrity.

With ArGoApp, you can avail benefits of the decentralized data storage powered by Arweave to build your ideas and businesses without fear with complete reliability. At ArGoApp, we ensure that our platform provides you with the power to deploy full web apps permanently with no walled gardens, autonomy at a one-time cost.

ArGoApp provides you not only with permanency in your business and data, but also the benefits that normal, centralized cloud storage would provide you without the shortcomings, and even more:

  • Low cost: ArGo charges a one-time fee, hence say NO to subscription amounts and scaled-up costs.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: With no hidden charges, we do not impose any bandwidth limits.
  • Reliability: with 100% uptime and permanent storage, your data is truly yours
  • Privacy: ArGo is censorship resistant since it is decentralized.

Check out ArGoApp to experience the power of permanent decentralized storage and even more at very low costs. Get started today — read our Litepaper here for more information.

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ArGoApp is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.