#BanTwitterIndia is a Trend that would’ve been avoided with ArGo Technology

An interesting scenario is currently playing out in India. There is a stalemate between social media companies and the government of India following a directive on the change of social media laws affect platforms with over 5M registered users. The deadline given by the Indian government is already past (May 25, 2021), and now #BanTwitterIndia is trending, ironically, on Twitter. The population was divided, with some on the government’s side, while some supported Twitter.

On the one hand, the government is citing security and the nation’s safety, and its people as the motivation behind its new directives. It requested the platform to delete posts that were allegedly detrimental to the country. On the other hand, Twitter is reluctant to comply with the demands as it believes it will hurt public discourse over the platform.

The issue here may take some time to be resolved; however, a more severe problem is unraveling the technological eye.

The faux beginning

As the May 25 deadline approached, speculations on banning social media platforms in India were rife. Twitter was still adamant that it would not fully comply with the new directives. At the same time, the government insisted that failure to comply would lead to revoking vital services that would essentially translate to some form of ban.

As per The Economic Times, Twitter is now willing “to comply with applicable laws in India.”

Signs of the times

Now, there are speculations that other countries may emulate India by implementing their own set of guidelines to dictate the operation of social media companies in their respective countries.

The true origin of the Twitter/India conflict

For instance, Twitter executives in India were threatened with jail time if they continued operations without accepting the new laws. This may have probably contributed to their last-minute compliance.

The government’s insistence on creating local compliance offices by social media platforms confirms the interference that can quickly arise from centralization. With the office in place, the Indian government can influence social media platforms.

Decentralization is the only way

For instance, ArGo provides a cloud storage solution that ensures 100% uptime and is censorship-proof. By social media platforms storing their data on ArGo, they are assured of 100% uptime regardless of the legal battles they may be undertaking.

Blockchain then comes into play with immutability. Part of what the Indian government required knew the origin of specific posts and posting these posts down by Twitter. Blockchain provides immutability of data uploaded to the network, making it easier for the government to identify who uploaded the work. On deletion, blockchain upholds an individual’s freedom to communicate by keeping the public information record over its immutable decentralized ledger.

Further, because of decentralization, no third party can interfere with the operations or proceedings of the platform. Decentralization gives governing power to the entire community of a platform, for example, concerning India Vs. Twitter, the government would not have the ability to hurt millions of Twitter community members because of the actions of less than 1% of the entire community. No central authority means it becomes harder to censor platforms to squeeze out the desired outcome.

With no centralization, it also means that Twitter would not decide to comply with or go against the rules set by the government, which would be the responsibility of the entire community.

In conclusion

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