ArGo’s frontend simplicity allows for the removal of data breaches for companies

Facebook has been the victim of two of the most famous data breaches in social media history. This history also shows how other tech giants are also experiencing the highest record of data breaches. In the previous article, we wrote about Facebook and other tech giants’ data breaches, and we discussed some of the causes of data breaches and a permanent solution. According to the Guardian, over 500 million Facebook users have been affected by this condition. However, ArGo is a robust decentralized blockchain and storage platform, and our frontend solution is the ideal counter to prevent and stop data breaches. With our blockchain-based technology, technology, we can conduct secure, decentralized transactions, all while the sacristy of user data remains unperturbed.

A resolute/wide-scale solution is still needed to prevent data breaches

For example, third-party suppliers working at Canada Postal Services have recently reported a cyberattack that has resulted in a data breach affecting 950,000 parcel recipients. Also, according to a US orthopedic office, patient healthcare data was mistakenly left on a server that anyone with internet access could view. These examples will prove that data breaching activities are still being conducted, and big data organizations still need to find a solution. It’s critical to understand the most common causes of data breaches and what you can do to limit the risks they pose to avoid any unwanted negative publicity for organizations.

Enter ArGo’s Decentralized Cloud Storage protocol

ArGo merges the best components of cryptography, which enables the blockchain to establish an immutable, decentralized ledger that could ultimately end data breaches. Our platform is based on multiple blockchain storage protocols, a new mechanism used to create a permanent and sustainable record of information and history. Users are also freed from the recurrent expenditures of server hosting, security, and storage use charges when they utilize ArGo-powered websites and apps. We incorporated blockchain domains that can be used to create websites that are unaffected by censorship.

With our decentralized Cloud storage-based protocol, any organization can store their data with us. Our decentralized cloud storage system ensures maximum data protection and ArGo makes it simple to upload files to the blockchain ecosystem’s most popular Decentralized Cloud Storage Protocol. Users can now upload files in a unified manner without needing to hold several tokens. Our decentralized cloud storage system can help many big data organizations with their data storage and allow them to benefit immensely from the various positives that will arise from having a secure well-trusted reputation.

ArGo frontend solutions

The ArGo platform is key through its interaction with APIs. This will take care of several vital functionalities, such as app logic and automation. There are numerous tools and features that will allow businesses for a simplified solution. Significantly, users can continue to experience the centralized experience that many are used to, but with the benefits of a decentralized system. Our organizations and projects, continuous deployment, and domains combine for a frontend solution that means ultimate compatibility and convenience for these corporations, along with a robust platform that completely negates any data breaches or hacks.

What ArGo does

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ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.

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