ArGoApp September DIGEST


Champions are made by desire, a desire to make a difference

ArGoApp has been instrumental in pushing the decentralized agenda through its unique idea of deploying blockchain decentralized websites within minutes. We are currently focused on making static websites & web applications censorship-free for users with 100% uptime. Thus, creating an all-in-one platform for the web world, wherein the decentralized cloud can give access to infinite storage & unlimited bandwidth.

Furthermore, ArGoApp provides a simple interface to host your websites & applications on leading blockchain-based DSNs, making it the #1 choice for decentralized & secure hosting.

September Summary

Once we were over with the migration, & as the dust settled, we were back on track in no time. We saw a splendid 300% growth in the number of deployments this month. And with a 40% increase in the number of projects deployed on our platform, we were able to reach 1900+ users & surpass the number of users compared to the number of deployments, showing signs of organizational adoption on our protocol.

Several factors contributed to the fantastic success of our protocol in September:

  1. ArGoApp Web3 Challenge with HNS

2. Polygon Grants Hackathon with Dora Hacks

3. Rewarding developers who deploy their projects on our platform through an email campaign

4. Reaching out to the users who registered but didn’t use the platform through follow up emails

5. Winning the Near Accelerator Program

6. Continuous support from our community & especially our integration partners (Arweave, Polygon, Skynet, DIA, Biconomy & HNS) throughout the month, whether it was during the unfortunate suspension or during the migration of our domain

7. We got featured in Cointelegraph

The product team did a great job in getting us back on the roadmap & we were able to deliver everything that was promised in time to our stakeholders.

  1. ArGoApp V2.3 released with $ARGO token integration
  2. Project archive & unarchive feature
  3. Organization member improvements
  4. Optimized the organization & project load time by 30%
  5. Welcome & failed deployment emails initiated
  6. Added social sharing option post-deployment
  7. Added confetti when a deployment is successful
  8. Fixed several bugs to make deployment a piece of cake for developers

Argonaut of the week

Staking update

What does the future hold?

The product team is focused on providing decentralized compute resources at significantly lower costs and providing more flexible access to cloud computing. Hence, they will be busy integrating with Akash to increase scalability & security for the ArGoApp users.

Overall, decentralized hosting simplifies deploying new applications and websites with convenience. Developers don’t have to learn new concepts to develop and deploy additional features. For added assistance, ArGoApp provides resources to help developers ace this technology for their work. By removing the complications of censorship, applications and websites can enjoy 100% uptime through ArGoApp.

What ArGoApp does

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ArGoApp is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.