ArGoApp V2 is here! Here are five use cases


ArGoApp’s recently deployed V2 creates new possibilities in the decentralized market. The platform has been working to improve their functionality to better position themselves in the decentralized market. These improvements are necessary to enhance convenience and transparency for ArGoApp users and prepare the platform for the potential widespread adoption of blockchain and its services.

The architectural revamp undertaken betters ArGoApp’s offering with wallet migration, log streaming enhancement, and system stability. This, in turn, creates an augmented deployment experience for developers. With the improved system, users of the platform can take advantage of the new possibilities created.

V2 adds more conveniences for developers to enhance their web deployment experience. Stablecoin integration, an update available through V2, makes it easier for payment of ArGoApp services. When working on payment options in their web apps, developers can now use the $DAI token as payment that will help users to easily ship their web app by just using a single token for deployment. Using $DAI as the integration coin has several benefits:

  1. Stability price-wise as its a stablecoin
  2. Allows increased user adoption
  3. Better cost optimizations for developers since $DAI is pegged to USD
  4. $DAI is easily available in any DEX or CEX
  5. Up to 30% discount on deployment fee, based on the amount of staking (starts after the mainnet in one month time- on our testnet, it will be free)

For developer payment of ArGoApp services, ArGoApp has an integrated Payment Smart Contract with a defined billing rate that deducts fees based on the consumption of ArGo services transparently. This creates a stress-free billing and payment scenario for developers when deploying their services through ArGoApp.

Most deployments are never complete or perfect during the initial platform deployment. Developers have to constantly update their platforms or release new deployments as market demands dictate. Some of the updates or deployments can be accompanied by bugs or log streaming issues for developers.

The V2 deployment by ArGoApp enhances log streaming on deployments over the ArGoApp platform. Any error that may occur during deployment is now quickly tracked, making it easier for developers to affect their changes. The easy identification of errors gives developers freedom of conducting multiple upgrades confidently as they can always edit any possible errors even after deployment. It also provides room for scaling of platforms based on market demand.

With the V2 update, platforms that are constantly updated, such as social media platforms or gaming apps, can confidently be deployed over ArGoApp. Their developers are assured of convenient features for scalability and post-deployment error identification.

Some organizations have different active projects running concurrently, requiring a solution that offers an efficient management system for each project. ArGoApp’s V2 introduces a new feature that makes it easier for institutions to organize various projects through multiple deployments by the various departments under the parent organization.

For example, a body with multiple departments may choose to deploy its web applications via ArGoApp. Each department may be working on different applications for their services under the same organization. With ArGoApp, the departments can deploy their unique apps using the Default ArGoApp subdomain billed under the same organization. Departments can even release multiple applications that will still be organized under their parent organization.

Another possible example is an organization such as a global car brand that may want to decentralize its services based on geographical location. Through the enhanced organization and ArGoApp subdomain, the company may deliver better services by having web applications for each geographical area to serve these unique markets better.

The new feature makes ArGoApp and blockchain organization friendly, which may influence more organizations to seriously consider decentralization to improve their service delivery and streamline their operations.

Another update from V2 is the User level to Organization level Wallet Migration. It enhances the billing experience for teams and organizations by charging all expenses under one wallet. Each transaction of the team is billed to the selected wallet. The owner of the wallet has the power to remove it as the chosen billing wallet.

The payment solution for teams improves the management of organizations and teams working on similar projects deployed over ArGoApp. It makes collaborations easier for developers, which can lead to innovative decentralized solutions being deployed over ArGoApp.

For instance, the various synergistic collaborations seen in the blockchain ecosystem can be enhanced. Developers working on their multiple projects may choose to collaborate under one banner on different synergetic web applications through the convenience of ArGoApp.

Censorship is one of the critical features of ArGoApp. V2 adds solutions that augment the censorship-resistant services offered by the platform. With the convenient billing method for teams and better organization management, activists can take advantage of ArGoApp to fight for global human rights.

It is easy to target activists within a country in the existing setup and prevent them from raising their voices against glaring violations. Through ArGoApp, teams can organize themselves to raise their voices through a censorship-resistant protocol that ensures the immutability of their voices and 24/7 access to the issues they address.

The ArGoApp subdomains can be utilized to separate the different vices being fought by the same organization. At the same time, the payment options can be used to maintain anonymity in countries where activists are targeted.

The updates in the V2 deployment create numerous possibilities for organizations, teams, and individuals. As more developers understand the deployment, we will likely see even more innovative use cases for ArGoApp V2.

ArGoApp makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DNS (Decentralized Storage Networks). ArGoApp removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 100% uptime throughout its life.

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ArGoApp is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.