ArGo partners with Shield Finance to add more credibility & protect the retail investors

Shield Finance is in the business of insurance & they offer Market Crash Protection contracts that allow users to buy protection against major market crashes due to swan events (hacks, exploits, rug pulls, sell-offs). Shield utilizes a proprietary aggregation engine to provide custom insurance packages for investor needs.

ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes any web app to a decentralized hosting service, It has been specially designed for Decentralized Finance to provide transparent, immutable & cryptographically verifiable solutions. It perfectly fits with the idea of protecting users from hackers & exploits as ArGo itself is working towards building an ecosystem of transparency, reliability & security.

Shield Finance enhances the credibility of ArGo by providing Market Crash Protection contracts for $ARGO tokens which shows the trust of liquidity providers in the project & their belief in the future stability of the token. These contracts will allow $ARGO token holders to buy protection against an unwanted crash due to market wide sell-off. The protection will be a right to sell $ARGO at a guaranteed price.

ArGo in turn, will help Shield Finance deploy their web application on Arweave protocol for the following benefits:

  1. Decentralized Storage
  2. 100% Uptime
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. Permanent deployment

Shield’s CEO expressed his excitement about the partnership stating that “The Market Crash Protection will protect investors & give them a right to sell $ARGO at a guaranteed price no matter what the market price will be”.

ArGo’s CEO confirmed that “This is the right step forward for the company as this strategic partnership adds more credibility to ArGo & helps us to explore more use cases to solve the problem around web hosting and data storage”

Please visit their website to learn more about how Shield Finance is revolutionizing the trading industry by covering the risk of investment.

About ArGo

ArGo is a web hosting platform that allows its users to build modern websites on the Arweave permaweb, a protocol that decentralizes the internet — the platform stores data using Decentralized Storage Networks (DSNs)

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ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.

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