ArGo partners with MahaDAO, bringing decentralization & unified data management to their stablecoin

MahaDAO is a stablecoin platform that taps into cross-chain liquidity and brings innovation to multiple layer 2 blockchains. ARTH, the world’s first value-currency is designed to protect people from the loss of purchasing power faced by fiat currencies.

ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes any web app to a decentralized hosting service, It has been specially designed for Decentralized Finance to provide transparent, immutable & cryptographically verifiable solutions. It perfectly fits with the idea of trouble free on boarding of users as it can handle large hybrid databases.

ArGo is on the road to become a Blockchain storage aggregator & that is where the integration with MahaDAO comes into picture where ArGo can provide easy access to upload files on leading DSNs in the blockchain ecosystem with decentralized & secure hosting.

With this collaboration ArGo helps MahaDAO to add more trust & reliability around its product offering. Not only this, handling & managing large amounts of data can be challenging but with ArGo, MahaDAO will be able to provide its users:

  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. 100% Uptime
  3. Censorship resistance
  4. Decentralized storage

As per CEO of ArGo, “MahaDAO is bringing money power in the hands of people wherein they don’t have to worry about fluctuating markets. Integrating with ArGo makes perfect sense, as this unprecedented ability requires decentralized storage & unified data management.

We will be running a pilot program with MahaDAO which will consists of:

  • Decentralizing their web app deployment
  • Backing up their data on decentralized storage platform using sdk
  • Unified data management of their future product offering

MahaDAO will help us to explore more use cases to solve the problem around web hosting and data storage

Please visit their website to learn more about how MahaDAO is transforming the finance industry with the world’s first value coin that aims to fight depreciation.

About ArGo

ArGo is a web hosting platform that allows its users to build modern websites on the Arweave permaweb, a protocol that decentralizes the internet — the platform stores data using Decentralized Storage Networks (DSNs)

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ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.

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