ArGo is moving ahead!

We were surprised!

$ARGO going strong

Growth is great

Overall, social media is sailing smoothly & we are building an awesome community around our brand. Our plans include generating video content soon & also capitalize on the growing voice-based marketing trend. We intend to increase visibility by adding more platforms under our belt, so stay tuned for more details in this space.

ArGo’s Decentralized Cloud Protocol

The main benefits of using ArGo’s Decentralized Storage Network (DSNs) architecture are the low cost, high latency, extreme reliability, and privacy. What this translates to in the context of high-level data breaches is that firms using the ArGo platform would not have to worry about such breaches as the make-up of our technology greatly diminishes such occurrences. The emphasis on reliability and decentralization is vital here. Facebook and other tech giant’s centralized and single points of failure make them easy targets for hackers and bad actors. However, with the ArGo platform and serverless architecture, that would not be the case. Our platform has no downtime, which means there will never be any points of vulnerability for attackers to try and strike.

What’s next?

A few more exciting partnerships are coming up that will be announced soon, especially one with a decentralized naming protocol. We are totally focused on creating a better ecosystem for the developers & our aim is to make their job hassle-free by providing an easily deployable decentralized mechanism, saving both time & cost.

More NFT related news coming up, so stay tuned as we intend to reward our supporters, well-wishers & active community members.

Seeds of hope are still in stealth mode, but it is part of the strategy now. So don’t be surprised if you hear us talking about this green initiative soon!

What ArGo does

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ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.

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