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The significance of cloud solutions cannot be overemphasized. At ArGoApp, we strive to deliver working cloud solutions that reflect the dynamic market’s present and future needs. Our solutions can be tailored to meet demands by enterprises of any size while also serving individual needs. Fine-tuned for business, our platform is setting up front-end services to aid in existing and future business success.

Initializing our cloud services was our cloud storage solution that we are constantly optimizing for enterprises. For instance, our latest V2 update consisted of token integration and user-level to organizational-level wallet support, allowing enterprises to consolidate their payments to their preferred wallet.

As we optimize our cloud storage services, we are also working on our cloud hosting solution to provide a complete cloud experience. Still under development, our cloud hosting solution will challenge the status quo, possibly leading to the adoption of more decentralized solutions by enterprises.

Our platform is a front-end solution that quickly deploys services of existing decentralized storage services via a few clicks. Optimized for easy onboarding, our platform allows users to access many storage service options under one ecosystem. Unfortunately, most decentralized storage services usually focus on one or two solutions, limiting the convenience they can offer. These limitations hinder the enthusiastic adoption of decentralized services.

At ArGoApp, our commitment to providing decentralized storage aggregation is geared towards decentralized adoption. Our latest update features a management upgrade where organizations may launch multiple projects via our platform with an ArGoApp subdomain attached to it. In addition, the aforementioned organizational level wallet support enhances this experience by making payments convenient. This is on top of our robust storage solutions.

We utilize the services of leading decentralized storage platforms such as Arweave and Skynet to give access to efficient storage. For instance, long-term and short-term archival data are possible on our platform through Arweave and Skynet, respectively. Additionally, lower latency and cost of data storage are achieved through Skynet.

Because our platform is a front-end solution linking users to these decentralized services, we can provide what these platforms are incapable of individually. By combining the features in Arweave, Skynet, Akash, and Handshake, we innovated comprehensive solutions to storage aggregation demands by utilizing existing decentralized solutions. Our services are based on the strategic and constructive partnership between us and the aforementioned decentralized storage services.


Both Skynet and Arweave ($AR) were inspired to deliver true to the ethos of blockchain technology. The decentralized cloud storage solutions have a similar goal of decentralizing data storage. Their approach, however, differs in certain aspects as each platform dominates in their area of specialization.

Skynet is built on top of Sia ($SC), a protocol that describes itself as the “Airbnb” for data storage because of its storage approach. Data uploaded to the cloud service is encrypted and stored in hard drives of their users who have extra storage space. Skynet builds on this, adding the efficiency of data sharing. Similarly, Arweave uses a decentralized file storage approach where its storage-rich users provide space for storing encrypted data files.

The main difference is seen in pricing. Each platform uses its preferred direction to maintain affordable prices while also making some profits. For example, pricing on Skynet is based on file size and storage time. Thus, the format is similar to what centralized solutions offer, just without the extreme price tag. On the other hand, Arweave takes a price-per-file approach. Thus, their pricing determines what service they provide best.

For instance, as we know, Skynet provides a better short-term storage solution, whereas Arweave’s long-term solution is more convenient, both accessible through our platform. With the Skynet solution, short-term data storage seekers such as visual artists may benefit from the affordable short-term options in Skynet through ArGoApp. However, the same artists can also benefit from the long-term storage of their digital art through Arweave.

Aside from data storage, cloud hosting solutions are also made possible. We are currently sorting out the front-end market needs; however, Arweave and Skynet already have their platforms ready for hosting. Akash also provides dynamic hosting to add to our users’ possible services through the front-end solution.

From the mentioned services, we believe that our platform is ready for widespread enterprise adoption. The success of our cloud storage services will likely influence the adoption of our future cloud hosting services. Acting as a litmus test for our critics and us, the cloud storage option may prove that decentralized storage is the future of global permanent, immutable, censorship-resistant data storage.

ArGoApp makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralized Storage Networks). ArGoApp removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 100% uptime throughout its life.

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ArGoApp is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.