ArGo partners with UniFarm & now Argonauts can stake & farm not just 1 but 8 tokens

Overwhelmed with positivity

The market crashed based on some tweets, exposing the loopholes of the current blockchain world. Despite being decentralized, the recent crash hinted towards centralization of power in the hands of one person who single-handedly put a halt to several aspirations. ArGo stood tall, keeping its head high & is still trading above the initial selling price. With a steady 97 Dext Score, more than 1250 transactions & 780 holders in 2 weeks, we are more confident than ever that we are going to change the world wide web. We are proud of our team who handled the pressure calmly & kept rowing the boat despite all the negative sentiment in the market. Our team doubled during the last week as we added 6 new members to the development & marketing teams.

Engagement is Great!

We admire women & strongly believe, to make blockchain mainstream, women will have to come forward and join this bandwagon with us. There has been a consistent increase in the number of women in this domain & we felt the need to celebrate that by tagging inspiring women in the industry & rewarding them with honorary NFTs. Our Women Outreach Campaign got immense love last week & we were able to reach 18 inspiring women who are giants in their respective areas of expertise, generating admiration for Team ArGo amongst the Sheroes of Blockchain. We feel lucky to be able to do something in this space & are delighted to spread some much-deserved appreciation for them.

We at Argo feel that education is the first step to reaching our goal of a decentralized ecosystem and keeping that aim in mind, we are raising awareness amongst the people around blockchain & decentralization. We already have a series called Agro Educate, a daily tool that talks about various jargon in our industry. And now we are starting two new series, Myth Buster and What If.

Myth Buster is going to be a month-long initiative with an agenda to bust the myths in the market related to crypto, decentralization & blockchain. On the other hand, What If will explore the possibilities of established brands deploying their applications on the blockchain. It will be an interesting read for the community to understand the huge potential of blockchain in the current world.

Onboarding Strategic Advisors

We appreciate the support & guidance given to us by Kyle Chassé, who has been an incredible advisor & mentor to us, in our journey so far. He has been instrumental in providing us all the necessary support that an idea requires to become a reality.

Stay tuned, there is more exciting news on the way in this category soon!

UniFarm — Staking & Yield Farming

We are going strong on DFYN as well despite the recent correction, maintaining the price above the initial selling price here as well on this Matic enabled platform, creating good value for our investors in the absence of high ETH gas fees.

All our partnerships highlight our commitment to Customer Centricity which is at the core of our organization. They will help us build trust amongst the community & become a Customer Obsessed brand of the future. ArGo will help all our partners deploy their web application on Arweave protocol for the following benefits:

  1. Decentralization
  2. 100% uptime
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. Permanent deployment

What’s next?

More NFT related news coming up, so stay tuned as we intend to reward our supporters, well-wishers & active community members.

Seeds of hope are still in stealth mode, but it is part of the strategy now. So don’t be surprised if you hear us talking about this green initiative rather soon!

What are Blockchain Domains?

Blockchain domains can be used to build censorship-resistant websites. Traditional domain assets are stored on your behalf by custodians like Godaddy and Google Domains. Unlike traditional web domains, decentralized domains are controlled only by the owner of the domain, and are not subject to renewal fees or price increases

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ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.

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