We know we are on the right track, because things stopped being easy

We love white!

This last week has brought in tremendous results for us & we are extremely proud to announce that we are officially Whitelisted on the PAID Network. The Whitelisting closes on 5th May 2021 & from there on, our quest continues for the big prize. Yes, we announced our IDO date as well recently & we are all gearing up for the 12th of May 2021 to launch & enter the real world of crypto & ethereum. We saw growth in all aspects of running the company & our super thrilled to start this month of love & success with overwhelming support from the community.

Product Update

We are working on supporting more jamstacks to our list. This will provide our users more options for deploying their favorite jamstack to a decentralized environment.Our roadmap is updated on the website which contains this year’s plans to grow ArGo & create a self sustaining ecosystem of transparency & reliability.

We also did a POC with Skynet web app deployment and it was successful and we’ll be adding Skynet support in the coming weeks.

We also worked on the $ARGO Staking & LP Staking contract which is almost ready to be sent for audit. Talking about the audit, we successfully audited our ERC20 & Vesting Smart Contracts. So, we are completely ready for our upcoming TGE & IDO.

Growth is Great

We grew 5 times this last week & we are ever grateful for the support we are receiving from the community. Riding on the success of a successful Twitter Invite Campaign, we are 7500+ on Twitter today & have touched the 5000 mark on Telegram as well during the weekend with the help of our Telegram Invite Challenge. Engagement is high within the community & rewarding them is the least we can do, to show our appreciation of their every growing trust & support.

We conducted AMAs throughout the week & plan to do so in the coming week as well. Interacting with new communities has been our top agenda which has given us a chance to showcase our offering to the outside world, thus attracting new possible investors to our channels. who can play a vital role during our IDO.

The Meme design competition was very well received by the community as it brought out some hilarious memes that helped up the ante. So, this coming week, we have rolled out a new competition to find our Brand Mascot. We are very serious about creating a brand that works for the community & creates products that go on to enhance their lives. And this is the first step towards becoming a valuable & recognizable name in the industry.

We are going to change the hosting dynamics & we are confident today that it’s our community that will drive our mission forward of decentralized, serverless & cost effective blockchain enabled web hosting.

What’s cooking?

We have been trying to mix our salt with some renowned spices out there & soon will be announcing game changing partnerships that will help us create an efficient & cost effective solution for developers, who will be able to create products that will not only be successful in black & white, but will also be focused on customer centricity.

We are marathon runners & running with the long lasting trends comes naturally to us. NFT is what we hear, so NFT is what you might see on our sleeves soon.

Adding a new segment

The first step towards change is awareness, hence we are adding a small segment here to educate our non crypto readers about blockchain & the far reaching impacts of this wonderful technology.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack or cheat. It is a safer way to record activity & keep data fresh , while maintaining a record of its history. This data cant be corrupted or get accidentally deleted.

About ArGo

ArGo is a web hosting platform that allows its users to build modern websites on the Arweave permaweb, a protocol that decentralizes the internet — the platform stores data using Decentralized Storage Networks (DSNs)

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ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.

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