ArGo Community Update: ArGo app receives over $1775 in Gitcoin Grants

The ArGo community was built to bring the power of the internet back to the people and it is the time when ArGo app receives Gitcoin Grants . We are focusing on creating a decentralized web of connectivity that is free of censorship, lost data, and the interference of corporations and government.

The ArGo app is a blockchain based web app front end development solution that helps you create space for your ideas on the internet and then keep it running for life. Our decentralized hosting service helps you keep your data on the internet without spending thousands of dollars on maintenance fees for hosting on the internet.

In our journey to create this wonderful new space, we are supported by our community of users who constantly update us on the changes that our products require and even contribute for its implementation!

ArGo app receives $1775 in Gitcoin Grants from its community

Our journey with ArGo and its vision started during the Arweave Fellowship Program. We undertook the creation of a blockchain based front end web app deployment system and hurried to make sure that we were able to share a minimum viable product for the initial consideration.

This was followed by several successes during beta testing and we were finally able to deploy an App that solves all your web app hosting problems at once and at much cheaper costs.

In our journey ahead, we were moved by the interest and commitment our community showed towards the success of ArGo. We were able to accumulate $1769 in Gitcoin Grants from the members who are looking to help us develop the product and bridge the gap between web 2.0 and web 3.0.

This grant that we have received will take us along further in our journey to make ArGo app a grand success. Nevertheless, at ArGo, we are always a community that looks to give back every bit of support we receive and we plan to use this grant money to run and reward a hackathon soon!

Your support means a lot to us

However, our expectations of receiving any funding were slim, especially because of how nascent ArGo app is in its vision.

We were pleasantly surprised at the amazing response that our community had in store for us. We are looking to use this grant money to give back to the community for the usage of the ArGo app and issuing constructive feedback to better the product.

Looking to the future

The community’s enthusiasm has instilled new hope in us as far as ArGo app’s success is concerned. We have already onboarded 250 users and are looking forward to covering the next milestones that are yet to come.

We are looking to add more people to the community and grow it to democratize the power of the internet.

While we are eternally grateful for the trust and belief that our community has shown us with its generosity during our grant session, it is important to remember that the vision of the ArGo app is to always serve the user.

Why should you use the ArGo app?

What does the ArGo app offer that normal hosting solutions do not? The answer is the vision of our app itself.

  • 100% uptime — Your web apps are never under maintenance or suffering server crashes.
  • One Time Payment — The hosting space you buy on ArGo and its blockchain hosting on the Arweave surface is for life. No regular or periodic subscriptions to keep your ideas up and running.
  • Custom domains
  • High security with HTTPS
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Easy Deployment with GitHub and GitLab
  • Open, uncensorable, and free
  • Improved architecture that supports multiple Jamstack
  • Easier developer experience
  • Fast scaling options through content development networks

These are just some of the main features through which the ArGo app is looking to change the future of the internet. If you want to do the same to your web apps and deploy them on a new generation of internet that is immutable, democratic, and uncensored with one time costs only, then get in touch with us at ArGo and deploy them on the blockchain network.

As for our community, we ask you to continue with your encouragement of our platform and establish it as the new norm of the internet.

ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.

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