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Today, Team ArGo, is extremely excited to announce the closing of our seed round of USD 1.3 million at a valuation of USD 12.5 Million from respected VCs in the industry & marquee Angel Investors.

We are thrilled to share the amazing list of strategic VCs who happily added us in their portfolios, including Ascensive Assets (round leader), Alpha chain, Onchain Capital, Moon Whale, Master Ventures, X21 Digital, Seven X & Innovion. We are overwhelmed with the support extended to us by our Angels, namely, Aniket Jindal (Bioconomy), Mohak Agarwal ( Claystack). …

Centralization is in response to the need for unity, whereas decentralization is in response to demands for diversity. Both forms of administration coexist in different professional and societal systems.

In the blockchain, decentralization applies to the shift of authority and decision-making from a centralized being (individual, organization, or group) to a distributed system. Monolithic services are replaced with peer-to-peer algorithmic markets. With the rising popularity of concepts like crypto currency, NFT and the recent IPO of Coinbase, the world is molding fast towards acceptance of blockchain technology and decentralization.

Centralization, Decentralization, and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the…

The ArGo community was built to bring the power of the internet back to the people and it is the time when ArGo app receives Gitcoin Grants . We are focusing on creating a decentralized web of connectivity that is free of censorship, lost data, and the interference of corporations and government.

The ArGo app is a blockchain based web app front end development solution that helps you create space for your ideas on the internet and then keep it running for life. …

The internet has been around for some time now. However, much of its fluid nature is now controlled and censored by governments and corporates.

Just think about it practically. When you hear the word ‘internet’, what comes to mind?

Probably Google. Or Bing.

Because that is how we approach the internet now. But what if there was something so revolutionary that it could completely bring the power of the internet back to the people?

Yes, that’s what the Argo app is all about. Confused? It’s a lot easier than you think:

Let’s start with Permaweb

Argo works on Permaweb, which is the internet built…


ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to a decentralized hosting service.

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